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Research Designer

Working with Laurence helped me to reframe my outlook on working life.  His guided approach helped me define what is meaningful about work for me, what criteria are important for me in my career progression, and how to improve my current working relationships.


Through his guidance, I have drastically improved my happiness at work and I am on a path to finding my next exciting career move.



Executive Cloud Architect

"I just wanted to share a quick note about Laurence Hewitt and his coaching ability.


Some people are good listeners, some are good coaches, however very few have the ability to listen, analyze, motivate and coach.  


Laurence happens to be one of those few.

I'm extremely pleased I took the time to have Laurence be my coach.  I feel I'm now on a more guided and results-proven track.


I used to be simply organized with minimal results. Now its like I exert minimal effort and obtain maximum result due to how I view and engage what's in front of me.  


Thanks for imparting your winning methods on me Laurence!"

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First session is free!

Leena Punjabi

CIO, Asset Management

I wanted to move up in my career and move into a new industry segment. Laurence helped me to develop the confidence I needed to learn new skills, set, pursue,  achieve my goals and hold me accountable. With his help, I got the opportunity I had hoped for, with a great company, in a brand new industry.


Mihaela Dragan

Sales Acceleration Program Manager

Laurence, I am so grateful for the amazing coaching experience, the energy you brought to each session and the great journey to becoming who I am today.

You helped me ‘chunk the elephant’ into crystal clear actions, overcome challenges and so to discover my inner power that made me pursue my professional goals with trust. 

From a personal perspective, having your guidance during my pregnancy, empowered me with a positive and relaxed mindset. My baby will definitely appreciate ☺  as much as I am.

Thank you once again! I am now conquering my fears, one by one, and feeding my strengths with determination to become even more confident in myself.


Neela Komargiri

Business Agility Manager

“This year was certainly a testing one for me along with many others. And I must say, if I could survive these tough times, it is only because of Laurence. I underwent a lot of trauma and struggled to understand the underlying things and its with your coaching that I started to see myself from within.


Thank you so much for all your time throughout. I am glad for you lent your ears and coached me to combat my challenges. I am ever grateful to you for introducing to me the Stoic philosophy and for everything else you did. I wish to continue getting coached and gain strength from you in the coming year too. “

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