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My clients

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, across a number of industries, at different levels of their career. What all have in common is a strong desire to be better at what they do, for themselves, for their teams and for their families. 

Here are some of my clients and the goals I have helped them to achieve:

  • New Real Estate Agent: making her first sale

  • Executive Engineer: promotion to IBM’s Distinguished Engineer track

  • Chief Marketing Officer: increase his staff’s job satisfaction levels and engagement

  • Data & Analytics Professional: transition to a career working with children in third-world countries

  • Digital Strategist: develop executive leadership skills toward promotion

  • Financial Advisor VP: promotion to Deputy Chief Investment Officer

  • Corporate Training Executive: start new business as a Wellness Coach

  • Program Manager: increase confidence and reduce anxiety over meeting new people

  • Sales Director: develop skills to better motivate and empower his salespeople

First session is free!
First session is free!
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