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What can I expect from Coaching?

Imagine yourself, a year from now. What goals have you achieved? What did you learn in order to achieve those goals? How is the person that achieved those goals different from the person you are today? What is the difference that you made for yourself, for your friends, for your family, for your career?

To help you on that journey, I will support you in:


  • Creating your Vision Statement


  • Crafting Goals that will help you bring your Vision into reality


  • Designing Actions you will take to achieve your Goals


  • Understanding your strengths and your weaknesses; learning in order to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses

  • Becoming the person you need to be to achieve your Goals and bring your Vision to life.

Each coaching session will have the same agenda, for the most part:


We start the session by you telling me what you would like to achieve during our session


Next, we review the work you’ve done toward your goals, since last we met


We have a coaching conversation. This will usually be about the steps you have taken toward achieving your goals, events that had occurred during your week or anything else you would like to discuss. Often times, new goals will come out of these conversations. Or, goals will need to be revised, based on what you have learned.


In some sessions, we will do an exercise, specific to your current situation, what you would like to learn or what you need to achieve.

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